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It’s time to try the Black Buffalo Experience.


Is it a



As we say back home, if y'all ain't using our sauce,

it's your loss!

What is
Black Buffalo
you ask?

We've created a special blend of herbs, vegetables & spices that is multipurpose so it can be added to any meal or dish. We invite you to try it on poultry, beef, pork, any seafood or game meat.


Please don't stop there!


Try it on any vegetable or vegetable dish, add in any pasta, gravy, any sauce, dairy such as eggs or cream cheese dish. It's excellent for meal prep, since it adds flavor & gives your meal the wow factor, & cuts your meal prep by 50% because it gives your meal the bold & balanced flavor it needs. Try it in soups, stews & it's crazy flavor in chili or cultural dish. Black Buffalo has robust flavor with very low sodium, no sugars, no fillers or preservatives.


It is Vegan Friendly & Keto

Friendly too!

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